Travel Organizer

I've always wanted to have an organized handbag that holds a solution for any little emergency. I used to have a pouch containing many emergency type items like band-aids and aspirin but lately my purse has become a bottomless pit of clutter. Yesterday in the $1 aisle at Target I picked up a little plastic accordion folder intended for carrying coupons. I decided it would be great for organizing all those emergency travel items.
I wrote important information and numbers onto index cards for easy storage and access. Look how nicely it all fits in one place. This is great when carrying a large tote without pockets.
Here's my list of items one might want to carry:

Travel documents (passport, tickets, maps, reservation details and numbers)

Individual toiletry items (wet-naps, band-aids, pills, dental floss, nail file or emery board, lotion (for plane travel don't forget to separate your liquids)

Food (tea, powdered drinks, salt, pepper, fruit leather, mints)

Paper (cards, postcards, business cards, blank paper, stamps, pencil or pen, calendar)

Sewing kit


knitting pattern and crochet hook


  1. This is a wonderful idea! This would make a nice little gift for someone who travels :) Cheers, Sarah

  2. I'm not sure how stumbled on your blog, but I love it.

    You are inspiring me to get myself organized and sew pretty clothes -- thank you!

  3. A friend used a similar folder to this to organize her coupons. I'm going to buy 2 -- one for your idea, one for hers. Thanks!


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