Knit Bias Scarf Pattern

I finished the bias scarf I started last week. I had two skeins of Noro Iro around for a while. I kept trying how to make something big but that was a little too hopeful. I decided I should just be reasonable and make a scarf. I never want to do anything the easy way so instead of doing a plain garter stitch I did garter stitch on the bias. It's pretty easy but looks impressive.

All you need to know is the knit stitch and how to increase and decrease. The increases and decreases create an angle to the fabric making it look more complicated than it is. It's a great pattern for a yarn as beautiful as this.

Bias Garter Stitch Scarf

2 skeins Noro Iro (makes about 88 inch scarf)
Size 11 (US) needles

Cast on 18 stitches.

Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: Increase 1 in first stitch. Knit to last 3 sts, decr 1, k1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to desired length.
BO all stitches and weave in ends.

Alternate pattern: For a scarf that curls at the edges, purl the first row making a stockinette stitch bias.

The cooler weather has inspired baking around my place. Last night, during commercial breaks from Pushing Daisies, I made up a Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie mix by Bob's Red Mill. The package said the batter would be crumbly but would form balls when pressed together. The batter was very crumbly and only sort of stuck together but I put a batch in the oven anyway. After the suggested baking time the balls of crumbly dough were still balls and hadn't appeared to bake at all.

It then occurred to me that I had only put in half the butter required. I cut some more butter in to the remaining batter and was able to salvage the rest of the batch. The cookies are not the best but satisfactory with a glass of milk. As Christmas approaches, I'll be doing a lot more wheat free cookie baking experiments. They should go better if I'm not watching tv at the same time.


  1. I love this pattern! I am thinking of making it into a circular scarf. Probably knit on straight needles and just sew the ends together Can you tell me which color of Noro Iro yarn it is?

  2. OK, this may be a duplicate--I've never commented on a blog before. Anyway, as I said, I love your pattern! I would like to make it as a circular scarf, and just sew the ends together. The colors are gorgeous! I've never used Noro Iro yarn before. Can you tell me what color that is? Thanks!


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