Announcement – New Blog Name and URL

Hi there friends and followers! After much consideration, I've decided to change the name of this blog. Now don't panic, I'll still be creating the same content, focusing on DIY and sewing most of all. So, drumroll.... the new name is Sew DIY.  Even though I love the old name and it has special meaning to me, I decided to change for a couple of reasons. One, it's a hard name to say and remember. Two, it didn't really describe what the blog was about. So, I've chosen a more generic but more memorable name that's much easier to spell. The new blog is up and running but I'm still working out some of the kinks so please stick with me. :) A big change for me is that I'm moving to a Squarespace hosted site rather than a Blogger/Self-hosted site. For now, the blogger site will remain live, I just won't be updating here anymore. If you already follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Bloglovin, you will probably notice that my name has changed on the accounts. The good news is you should not need to re-follow. If you don't already follow, now is a great time to start! There is going to be a lot of great new stuff coming here soon. And please head over to the new blog and check it out. Thank you so much for being a part of this. xo, Beth


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