Fall Wardrobe

Lately, I've been thinking about my fall wardrobe, the clothes I would make if I had the time. I've thought about having the perfect wardrobe many times before, inspired by fashion magazines I guess. I was excited to read the current issue of Sew Stylish which uses one pattern (Simplicity 3631) to create a whole wardrobe.

Today I did a little shopping/browsing and saw some amazing fall jackets. A few examples below.

The Wool Textured Jacket from Banana Republic:
The Sophie Peacoat Sweater from JCrew:
There were many more jackets in the store. I suppose it inspires most people to purchase. I am inspired to sew. Vogue pattern V8232 is one of my favorites for work clothes. I've made both the dress and jacket to great success. I currently have another jacket cut out in a red, white and blue check waiting to be stitched.
I made some visual notes/sketches for my wardrobe plan. Initially I mostly wanted more blouses. I'll have to do lots of jackets now too and sailor pants if I find the time. In the photo, behind my sketches is the beginning of a jacket style sweater, dark grey with overlapping front.
Q: Is it possible to have too many clothes?
A: No, your closet is simply too small.


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